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Got a question about the WABL that we haven’t answered yet?

We have put together a list of questions (with their answers, of course) that get put to the team at Willetton Basketball. Below you will find everything you need to know about WABL and how it all works. For information about WABL trials, please head to our Tigers Tryouts Information Page

What is WABL?

The Western Australian Basketball League (WABL) is WA’s premier junior basketball competition catering for players in the following age groups: U12, U14, U16, U18, U20 and WABL Championship.

While the Willetton Basketball Association coordinates the Willetton domestic competition played over a winter and summer season, Basketball WA coordinates the next level of representative basketball which is the WABL.

The Willetton Tigers representative season goes for a year, with formalities commencing with the State Championships tournament in November/December and finishing at the end of the WABL season in September.

Unlike the Willetton competition, the WABL age groups are determined by calendar year, so for example Under 14 players are those that turn either 12 or 13 during the calendar year 1 January to 31 December.

How Does the State Championships Tournament Work?

Willetton enters teams into the State Championships tournament that is run over a weekend in November or early December. Because it is effectively the start of the WABL season, those age groups are U11, U13, U15, etc. (keeping age groups together during the following year WABL season when the age groups are U12, U14, U16, etc.)

The State Championships are a fun weekend carnival, in which a number of Country Associations (e.g., Albany and Geraldton) play with metropolitan clubs like Willetton, Lakeside & Perth.  Playing in this Tournament is a good opportunity for players to experience basketball at a representative level.

How Does the WABL Season Work?

This is the winter competition which involves 13 Basketball Associations from both the metropolitan and country regions extending from Joondalup to the Southwest (Bunbury).

Teams are graded during a grading tournament in February/March, which determines which one of 5 divisions the team will play in. The divisions are: – Championship Division, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4 and Division 5. Willetton normally has multiple teams within the same age/gender groups. Sometimes they end up in the same division as each other, sometimes not – depending on the results of the grading tournament.

Games are played on Sundays over an 18-week “Home and Away” Season where every team plays each other twice, plus three weeks of finals. These “Away” games involve travelling to other stadiums or recreation centres.

The season generally commences in the last weekend of April with finals finishing at the end of September.

Parents are expected to score at games and are rostered on by Team Managers. Generally, parents will only be required to score one game per Season however this depends on the length of the season, where some families may do it twice.

An iPad is used, as is done at junior competition games, so most families will already be familiar with this.

Usually, the visiting team uses the iPad, and the “home” team is responsible for timing games – stopping the clock each time the referee blows their whistle or re-starting the clock when games resume. A game could last for about an hour and 30 minutes, much longer than a domestic game.

Why Was Grading Introduced?

The WABL introduced pre-season grading in 2014. This was done to help separate teams into the appropriate divisions to ensure players of the same ability were matched up against each other throughout the season.

What Venues Host WABL Matches Throughout the Season?

There are a total of 15 venues that will host matches throughout the course of any given home and away season in the WABL. This means that players and families from Willetton-based teams will need to travel to other venues for away fixtures. The following list of venues host WABL fixtures during the home and away season:

  • Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium, Hamilton Hill
  • Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka
  • Morley Sport and Recreation Centre, Morley
  • Ray Owen Sports Centre, Lesmurdie
  • Mundaring Arena, Mundaring
  • HBF Arena, Joondalup
  • Lakeside Recreation Centre, North Lake
  • Kennedy Baptist College, Murdoch
  • Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Mandurah
  • Bendat Basketball Centre, Floreat
  • Leisurelife Centre, East Victoria Park
  • Mike Barnett Sports Complex, Rockingham
  • Eaton Recreation Centre, Eaton
  • Warwick Stadium, Warwick
  • Willetton Basketball Stadium, Willetton

How are the WABL Teams Selected?

Willetton Tiger’s teams for the WABL Season are selected through a try out process. Each season the trials are opened up to any eligible player (must be registered and playing in the next Willetton Summer Junior Competition season) and selections made. In the event there are more players trying out than positions, then unfortunately some players will not be successful.

Selection in a Tigers WABL team will be for the following WABL season. Once selected, all WABL teams will compete in the State Championships.

What is the Cost of Playing?

The following costs are payable by families (current as of 2022): –

All BWA competitions: – $36.75 fee payable annually. If you have already paid this amount with your child’s Junior Domestic Club fees, you do not pay it twice.


  • Trials fee = $35.00.
  • State Championships: – Player costs if selected to play = $65.00 approx. which covers nomination & entry fees etc. A Playing singlet is provided for the Tournament by the Association and must be returned at the end of the Tournament. Player provides own Willetton WABL shorts or black domestic shorts for games at State Championships. Mouthguards are compulsory for games and training.
  • WABL fees = $500.00 approx.
  • Venue entry fees every game = $15.00 per player and no charge for spectators (if games at multiple venues on same day, ask for a pass, you will not be charged multiple times).  This covers the cost of game day referees, coordinators etc.
  • Mouthguards are compulsory for games and training.
  • Players and their families are also involved in fundraising activities as part of their commitment, and this is compulsory for all players. Events will be communicated to teams when dates/activities are confirmed.
  • Generally, parents contribute funds to provide a gift to Coaches/Team manager for their voluntary time during the season.
  • Individual teams may arrange a social end of season wind up themselves at their own cost
  • All WABL teams train for 1.5 hours a week (court hire costs are covered by WABL player fees, and some teams have joint training sessions).  Should a team wish to train over and above this, or at a different venue, court hire must be paid for by the team.

The WABL Playing Uniform consists of the following items, and families pay for these: –

  • WABL playing shorts for games (compulsory).
  • Willetton white socks x 1 pair (or own plain white socks).
  • Willetton Reversible singlet for training (compulsory).
  • Willetton warm up top with surname on the back (compulsory).
  • Willetton backpack (optional).
  • Willetton hoodie (optional).

The Playing singlet is provided by the Association and is to be returned to the Team Manager after each game.

What are the Important Dates for WABL?

For Willetton teams, the year generally goes like this:

  • October/November: WABL Trials
  • November/December: State Championships tournament over a weekend (2 days)
  • January/February: Final WABL team selections are completed
  • February/March: WABL Grading tournament to determine which division each team will compete in during the subsequent season
  • April-September: 18-week home and away WABL season including 3 weeks of finals

Are Finals Fixtures Played at a Neutral Venue?

Most finals fixtures in 2022 will be played at Bendat Basketball Centre in Floreat. Secondary venues may be required for the first two weeks of finals, though if this is the case, players, teams and families will be notified when the venue is confirmed.

What is the Structure of Finals Basketball in the WABL?

  • Week One – Elimination Finals
    Game A – 3rd vs 6th
    Game B – 4th vs 5th
    *1st and 2nd place automatically progress to the semi-finals.
    *The losing teams in games A and B are eliminated.
  • Week Two – Semi-Finals
    Game C – 1st vs Winner of Game B
    Game D – 2nd vs Winner of Game A*The losing teams in games C and D are eliminated.
  • Week Three – Grand Final
    Game E – Winner of Game C vs Winner of Game D


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