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Senior Team Registration

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Got your team together? We’re excited to meet you and have you competing at Willetton Stadium.

Before you submit a senior team registration form to Willetton Basketball, make sure you:

  • Have your phone with email access ready to confirm registration if registering for the first time.
  • Have the TeamPay app downloaded onto your phone ready to make payment of the invoice.

Register Your Team

The Winter 2024 season dates are below. Team registrations are now open.

Please note registration fees will be charged through TeamPay. Fees must be paid within 48 hours from the date of receiving your invoice or your team will be removed from the competition.

If you register outside of business hours, the invoice will be sent to you on the next business day.

If you are a new team, please email Carly at to receive your TeamPay code.

Start Date Last minor round games Semi Finals Grand finals
Monday teams 8 April 2024 26 August 2024 2 September 2024 9 September 2024
Tuesday teams 9 April 2024 27 August 2024 3 September 2024 10 September 2024
Wednesday teams 10 April 2024 28 August 2024 4 September 2024 11 September 2024
Thursday teams 11 April 2024 29 August 2024 5 September 2024 12 September 2024

Please do not use this form if you don’t have a team to join. If you are looking to join a team and currently do not have one, visit the Facebook page. If you have a team and need to register, ask your team contact for the form or register at the stadium reception. Allow at least 20 minutes before your game to register on time, anything less may leave you without enough time to register before your game starts.

Any players that are found to be playing under another name risk having a forfeit fine charged to the team they play for.

Please remember that players must be registered with Willetton Basketball at least 20 minutes before the start of the game.

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