Willetton Stadium, Burrendah Boulevard Willetton WA 6155


Have you got a passion for making sure basketball is played safely and fairly?

Our referees at Willetton Basketball are responsible for ensuring that all games are played safely and fairly through enforcing the rules of the game. Aspiring referees are encouraged to visit the Basketball WA website to undertake a beginner’s referee training course.

Once you have completed a referee training program through Basketball WA, the completion certificate needs to be sent to our team at Willetton Basketball to apply to join our referee training program. All participants must be aged 12 and over.

Willetton Basketball takes strong pride in the development and success of its referees, who are an essential part of our competitions.

So, if you’re interested in joining our refereeing team, contact our referee development officers on for more information.

If you are a referee that has some experience, please send us an email at with details of your experience, as well as proof of your qualifications and availability.

If you have a question about a rule interpretation, or are seeking clarity around a particular rule, you can submit a question to our referee cohort using the form below. Questions will be selected from the submissions to be answered in each edition of the newsletter.

Referee Q & A

Submit your question to our referee cohort, and yours may be answered in the upcoming newsletter!


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