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At the Conclusion of Each Junior Domestic Season, One  Club is Awarded the Prestigious Gooding Cup.

The Gooding Cup is named after Paul Gooding, Willetton’s first President (1974 – 1984).

Paul was initially involved with basketball at the Bill Cole Centre in Riverton, and became the founding President of the Canning Districts Basketball Association.

Paul was then approached by the Willetton Football Club in the early 1970’s to see if basketball would join them to become part of the Willetton Sports Club, along with Little Athletics and Hockey.

Paul then submitted a proposal to the City of Canning to build outdoor courts, which were subsequently built in 1974, marking the beginning of the Willetton Basketball Club.

Basketball competitions then moved from the Bill Cole Centre to be played at Willetton, the same site we still play on today.

During Paul’s 10 year tenure as President, he was heavily involved in planning and applying for the construction of the indoor stadium. However, he and his family moved back to their hometown in Albury before the stadium was built.

Since leaving our club in 1984, Paul has been back many times to visit, and loves to keep updated with how the Association is progressing. Paul’s family continued their involvement in the club with his son participating in our Veteran’s competition for many years.

As a small token of appreciation for the work and effort Paul put into our great club, Willetton Basketball Association is proud to name the Junior Club Award ‘The Gooding Cup’.

The scoring criteria for winning the Gooding Cup is as follows;

Each club will start with 1500 points

To gain points;

  • Highest percentage of wins in the regular season gets 450 points, and there is a sliding scale of points down to last (1st = 450 pts, 2nd = 400 pts, 3rd = 350 pts, 4th = 300 pts, 5th = 250 pts, 6th = 200 pts, 7th = 150 pts, 8th = 100 pts).
  • A club that is nominated by another club for good sportsmanship will receive 75 pts (an example of this would be playing with 4 players to make it fair as the opposition team only has 4 players).
  • The club that nominates another club for good sportsmanship will also receive 75 points.

Losing points;

  • Any coach. manager, or spectator of that club who is ejected from the stadium will result in a loss of 500 points for their club.
  • Any player that is ejected from the stadium will result in a loss of 300 points for their club. If they are sent to tribunal, additional loss of points will apply.
  • 1st instance of tribunal = 50 point loss
  • 2nd instance of tribunal = 100 point loss
  • 3rd instance of tribunal = 150 points loss
  • Any referee report of bad spectator behaviour will result in a 50 point loss for their club.
  • Any discretions that occur during the finals of a season will be deducted from the club’s starting points the following season.
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