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Juniors’ Competition Information and By-Laws

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Get the run-down on everything you need to know about our junior competitions here.

From training sessions to matchday, there’s a lot that you need to be across once you have joined one of our eight domestic clubs.

Training Sessions

Training courts are hired to clubs from various venues in and around the local area. However, with our large number of junior teams and players, there is a limit to how many courts can be sourced locally on a block basis, and teams will source courts in addition to those hired by Willetton Basketball.

If you’re looking to find out when your team is training, you’ll need to get in touch with your team manager or coach. They will be able to provide you with all the information you need regarding training. Training courts and schedules are not allocated until teams are formed.


Games are played throughout the week on Monday to Friday evenings, as well as all day on Saturdays. The team’s age, gender and grade will determine when they play.

Weekday fixtures are played at Willetton Stadium, with Saturday fixtures also being played at Striker Leeming Recreation Centre and All Saints Sports Centre.


All players are expected to be in full game uniform on matchday. This includes a jersey (which will be provided by the junior club), as well as basketball playing shorts (which can be purchased from the stadium reception) and adequate sporting attire (shoes, socks, etc.). Willetton Basketball also highly recommends that mouthguards be worn by all of our basketball players.

All our players are expected to abide by the Willetton Code of Conduct, The Willetton Way. You can find the code here, which includes our Tribunal By-Laws.

Competition By-Laws

We urge all participants to read our junior by-laws. Willetton Basketball reserves the right to amend or introduce by-laws during the season if necessary. If you require clarification on any rule or have any questions, please send an email to .

Access all of our additional competition information and by-laws by using the links below.

Association Player Registration Fee

You may ask yourself – what does WBA (Willetton Basketball Association) do with the $170 a season that I pay for my child?

This registration fee contributes towards the administration of one of the premier domestic junior basketball competitions within the country.

As a not-for-profit, we ensure all fees are utilised to cover expenses related to the competition and also used to reinvest into the ongoing sustainability of Willetton Stadium.

In summary the registration fee is mainly utilised to;

  • Support the state’s premier referee development program,
  • Ensure we can employ professional staff members to manage the operations of WBA and service the stakeholders who frequent the stadium,
  • Hire other venues for competition purposes,
  • Maintain and re-invest into first class facilities, which WBA have the obligation to repair and maintain whilst contributing towards a sinking fund to ensure that we can replace capital items over time, to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the stadium, whilst also meeting our lease obligations to council to operate the facility.

Junior Domestic Club Fee

A percentage of this goes to pay for a per-team nomination fee to Willetton Basketball (WBA), and also contributes towards court hire training costs (WBA bulk supplies approximately 35% of each club’s half courts for the season at Willetton Stadium & Striker Leeming).  The remainder is used by each respective domestic club committee for club expenses and purposes.

Basketball WA Membership Fee

Your Basketball WA annual membership fee (approximately $41.75) – covers a country-wide insurance program to protect players and officials involved in Basketball WA activities.  This fee is paid directly to Basketball WA.

WBA and Club committees are required to provide financial statements at their AGMs which are available to members who attend.

If you change your mind about signing up, WBA will issue you with a non-expiring voucher to the total amount of the fees you have paid. WBA does not issue refunds. In the unlikely event a refund is issued, the refund will be the amount WBA has received (ie less PlayHQ or other transactions fees) less a $20 administration fee.

Please note refunds are not available after round 6. Refunds are only applicable if your child can not be placed in a team.



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