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Life membership (including player/coach life membership) is the highest club honour that can be bestowed upon a member at Willetton Basketball.

Life membership is awarded for outstanding contribution to Willetton Basketball over a period of time.

Why Life Membership?

Life members:

  • Are not subject to an annual membership fee.
  • Are considered an ordinary member and have a deliberative vote at all general meetings.
  • Shall be granted the privileges of free admission (one pass) to all games held by the association.
  • Will be invited as a guest of the association to all annual presentations and major events.

Becoming a Life Member

A nominee for life membership must have acted in the best interest of Willetton Basketball and:

  • Rendered distinguished or special service to Willetton Basketball over a period of at least 10 years.
  • May be an employee or employed by the association but only where an individual has contributed significantly beyond their paid employment over a period of at least 10 years.
  • Taken on leadership responsibilities for the benefit of the association as outlined in the Objects in the Constitution; and
  • Promoted Willetton Basketball and basketball in general to the wider community.

At Willetton Basketball, there are two categories of life membership – you can become a general life member or a player/coach life member. 

Life Member Nominations

Meet Our Life Members

Willetton Basketball is proud to recognise the following life members:

Year Name
1990 Graeme Endersby
1993 George Hampel
1997 Laurie Roberts
2002 Sandra Hampson
2002 Marcus Langshaw
2005 Gaye Endersby
2007 Mary Hampel
2011 Phil Nixon
2015 Ivan Buzolic
2018 Pam Langshaw
2019 Narell Black
2019 Simon Parker
2023 Peter Cook
2023 Michelle Cook
2023 Michael Winter
2023 Robyn Winter
2023 Angelo Tatulli

SBL Player Life Members

Year Name SBL/NBL1 Tigers SBL/NBL1 Total
2017 Suzanne Williams 360 512
2017 Matt Foster 280
2017 Danielle Ramsay 276 331
2017 Melissa Marsh 268
2017 Clint Read 262 342
2017 Greg Regan 261
2023 Andrew Black 250
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